When I'm with you my head is on the clouds

But to be without you feels like hell on the ground 

I say these things about you because you are my everything

But why let me think that loving you is all a dream 

My mind has been made up, I want you forever

So many reasons why you put me on higher levels

Am I really dreamin' or is this really real 

I'm sorry if I'm hurting you by feeling the way I feel

I understand you dont want to be with me

Maybe I'm not the one

I just want something that never started to begun

Maybe I'm really dreamin' or living this nightmare

I wish I knew if you really loved me or do you really care

Can I make this real with you

Can you tell me dreamin' isnt true

Not being your lover will cause me to lose my mind

But I know that dreamin' isnt forever

We have to wake up sometime


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