The Dreamers Paradise

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 09:46 -- Sammi Q

In and out,

In and out she breathes.

Like the ocean tide sweeping in and out of reach.

Peaceful; a calm so new

It could never be understood

As she drifts into an oblivion no one will know but her.

Her entire world lit up before her very eyes.

Ever changing

Glimpses and flashes so exhilerating.

Always a new story;

A new chapter.

She holds the pen,

She writes the words

Yet rarely remembers.

Just slightly out of reach

Never to be read agin.

Like the remnants of burned book.

The ever-hot cinders fly freely on the wind to a place unimaginable.

Though she chases, day after day; night after night

She can never reach it.

This the dreamers paradise

Not seen by a soul

Yet inspired by every one.


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