Dreamer Girl


'No. Never. You can't do that. Fat chance. Oh yeah.' Dreamer girl hears the words.

Full of anguish the pain hollows her bones. 

Dreamer girl has but few believers and  vast naysayers.

Dreamer girl dreams of the streets of New York when she plays pretend in her room. 

Dreamer girl tastes the air of the city Los Angeles.

Dreamer girl looks over her moutain that cages her in to the city of Atlanta.

Dreamer girl is a dreamer if you have ever seen one.

Her every word is soft and powerful.

Dreamer girl has brown skin and soft pink lips that crack into a beautiful smile but is

also just as fleeting as the wind.

Dreamer girl cries at her loneliness, her naysaysers circle around her crippling the child.

Dreamer girl is not done yet. She lifts up her body and leaps over the moutain leaving the

naysers in the valley.

That dreamer girl neer came back to the valley.



It's not Neer it's never...Sorry readers. Positive feedback is appreciated.

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