The Dreamer


United States
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Do not wake up

Not just yet

This little dream,


Is getting even better

Fooling yourself

Into thinking you know

The difference between a smile

And a dream

If you dream

Maybe it will be bad for you

Maybe at the end you will come out bruised

Maybe everything will work out

Just tilt your head back

Let the dreams make misty eyes

And barely formed wishes

Lay back and laugh as you sleep

Laugh along because everything is wonderful here

The world is full of saturated color

And perfect smiles

And happiness

When you wake up

The world is awash in a brief,



The excitement courses through you

As you reach forward for the person

Who just faded from your sight

Before your arm falls back

To your side

You realize

With ice water splashed over your face

And surging through your veins

That it had just been a dream

Just a fleeting moment

In your happiest times

You roll over

Facing away from the disappointment

And dream again

You should not let this dream go

Stay here awhile

Pull up a chair

Take that smile

Never mind that you don’t know the difference

Between it and a dream


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