The Dreamer


Words are taken for granted. 

Written in books that just sit on shelves.

Children no longer want to read

but play video games. 


What about the children who suffer.



eating disorders. 

These children want to know they aren't alone. 


Reving the need for a book. 

I want to be the one who writes it. 

Share my story with the ones who need it. 

Give knowledge to the ones who seek it. 


To travel the world

and sit and write.

A dream come true for the dreamer. 


Pen and paper is all I need. 

Let me write till my hands bleed. 

I want to be the one to saw the seeds. 

Give me money,

oh there's no need. 


Fame and fortune is not for the dreamer. 

To help others

and save their lives 

is the life of the dreamer.


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