The Dreamer


I am a scatter brained, introverted, unstable dreamer.

My hope is rooted in my faith,

my faith is in these cereberal illusions

that cause denial and confusion.

My mind's overloaded with these illusions,

these inspirational illusions, called dreams.



I live in reality but I see things,

things that can be in reality, trapped

in my societies mentality.

These things lack existence,

I yearn for these things to be freed.

Society, please free my dreams.



trying to maintain my sanity,

but still hold on to this world of fantasy.

All of my courage and humanity

is imprisoned in my generations vanity.

Society, you could let me dream at least,

you already dont fight fair.



Society dont condition me to be a beast,

it's hard enough to be a bright candle, in a black void,

with the winds blare, of the nights air!

My fire is to faithful to go out.



the victim of sinister taunts,

that manipulate my heart.

These bullshit ideals haunt my thoughts

these diabolic desires for peace,

are flaunted by the world.

Society you are way more twisted than you seem.



killed by my own damn dreams.

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My community
My country
Our world
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