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I am a dreamer

I dream to one day be free

To not have to tell you where my family comes from

Because your insults stick like gum

They are in the back of my head

Because my parents work to give us what they can

3 jobs aren't enough

The times for them are rough

They work day and night

For what ?

They get paid less than 10

I mean if i had a penny for every filthy word that comes out your mouth

I would be able to feed the whole south


I dream to be able to see my protector,my happiness, again

He was deported July of 2010

What did he do ?

He didn't have papers

He had nothing to say but that  

he came here, many came here to chase the American Dream


I dream to be treated like A human

To not be defined as “aliens” or “monsters”

Thousands of deportations leave thousands of kids as fosters

I dont think its fair

But you wouldn't care

Youre so corrupt and so full of it

But we will show you bit by bit

The accomplishments and the trophies

That as a human you will never win

Because we will succeed with or without your help

I am a dreamer with a dream




that was so awesome! we'll show them!!! :)

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