Dream Weaver


Beautiful one, tell me your dreams. 

From which rich river do they stream?

They hold the key to treasures untold.

And help to shape your rare and visionary mold.

Majestically you walk around. 

Focusing on your dreams that continue to abound. 

Each dream intertwined with your ultimate goal.

Of being bold enough to soar on your own. 

So close your eyes beautiful one, and dream again.

For your inspiration will come from within. 

Your future is set, so have no fear.

Just sip from the rich river your ancestors left fertile and clear. 

Because one day you will wake, ready to take flight. 

And you will soar from the summit you know was not built over night.

Just remember the mold from which you came. 

So that power and prosperity are what you will claim. 


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