This Dream of Mine

I dream of moving away

Far, far away

Where the light of day is sunny and gay

Where the accordion plays all day

People greet others with bonjour

In this dream I have conjured

I own a small shop

Where it doesn’t take too long to mop

I bake fresh goods, the smell is heavenly

Everything is bright and cheery

I know everyone and love them dearly

In this dream of mine

I go out to dine

In candle-lit restaurants half-deserted

With smiling tuxedoed waiters who flirted

With me but I go home alone

I might be holding an ice-cream cone

Along the cobble streets lit up by smiling lampposts

The accordion and guitar play on with their romantic sound

A soft breeze blows my skirt around

The moon grins on and the stars twinkle brightly

Rightly so I am as happy as can be

Café owners clean their tables outside and wave when they see me

In this dream of mine

I walk on with my curls bouncing

The wind hurls my beret

Right into the direction of a flouncing pup

Followed closely behind by a handsome young man

A cup full of smiles is he

As polite as he can be

He hands my beret to me

In this dream of mine we meet again

We sip fine wine as we dine

In this dream of mine

Everything is perfect and simple

Just like my real life is not

But I shan’t let this dream rot

It may seem unlikely for this to occur

Nevertheless I shall continue to lure

This wish to rest in my mind

Till I find peace again

In this dream of mine

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