A Dream of Him

I had a dream once in the deep throes of sleep that brought out the full hue of purple and blue out of my mind as I conjured up your image around the color. You were made up of all the shaded sky that my brain could shroud you in as I made up my own mind that I was still in love with you. I could not stop looking at you in this illusion and coming too in sleep felt like watching glass fall to the floor and break before my eyes.

A masterpiece swept away, blinked away with the coming sunlight through cracks in the door. I squeeze my eyes shut with the coming pain and heartache. I need that image back that my body starts to cramp up and refuse air. I’m suffocating without that blue and purple waters in my dreams with you in them floating there in the last thing I saw you wear with your hair down.

I can only lay here now dreaming to dream of him again. If only I could easily slip back in, pull back the curtains with one swift pull and be back. Back were I know I belong, I have to belong there why else would it feel so good being there with him, in his eyes and arms. It can’t be wrong to be this in love. It feels too good. Its stronger than any worldly weight and drags my eyelids down over my irises. Resistance is futile. It was just a dream though, just a dream. How dare he in just a dream to me. Damn my heart and my soul. I need some sleep.


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