A Dream Here, A Dream There

There is a beautiful world I can almost see.

It is within reach, but out of my grasp.

One more step, and there I go,

Falling into the unknown.

But take a risk, and find what is to come,

for our Founding Fathers would have wanted it like so.

Being ourselves, each and everyone unique.

Desiring a home, a car, or a family. 

Then there are those who desire freedom. 

Equality. Acceptance.

Free to live how they want. 

Being equal to those around them, even if their skin color is different,

Or if their heritage is different. 

There are those who have a dream of being accepted, in the world of Americans. 

Without being judged, or given judgmental looks. 

The perfect world exists only between time and space, 

But anything can be achieved through hard work.

Live the dream, cherish the dream, for it awaits.

And once there we can dance again in our everlasting pleasure. 

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