A Dream of a Forest in a Desert

Desertion, desolation

An island of thought

If only

I had

In my dreams



For empty pages

Like freshly fallen snow

To be blotted with thick scrawls of ink


For a friend

Or a lover

To be near

and forever feel that link


For life

To have such beauty

As to render the air still


All these things, I could go without

Through power of will,

Though at times

I would miss them terribly.


Really it is my mind:

My thoughts, dreams,

Ideas, connections, humor, and

Yes, even doubts,

(For there must be shadows

If there is light)

That I find, through no matter

What adversity,

I cannot live without


It is my mind

where I plan,

Where I think,

Where I am


It is my mind,

Where I am home,

Where I dream,

And where I fall


It is my mind,

Where I rise again,

And see once more

The possibilities of new stars


It is my mind,

Where I learn,

And love, and feel


Without which, all these things

Would cease

to exist

In me

In the world

In the universe

So vast

That not even

the light of stars

can reach

until after many years.


And to keep such a valuable treasure,

Through all pain, and desire

I will take every measure


To think, and be, and dream, and fly

For that is all I’ll ever need

As this life goes by

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