The dream of equality through education

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 18:49 -- migs203


They get offended by ethnicity when I tell them of my achievements

They tell me because I'm not white, why try, I'll never make it

They say I'm doing isn't right, that I'm a second class citizen

That there is no way I can be better or equal to them

They tell me to go back to my own country 

and yet they don't get why I get confused

I am in my own country, I was born here

On paper I'm the same as all who look down at me

Yet in life I get treated differently, let me give them a reason to treat me differently

I will obtain the dream of higher education and pursue a professional carrer

Be an example to others who are told the same things as I am

Be an example to those who believe it isnt possible 

Be the rude awakening to the ignorant people

Let me show them that just because I'm not white 

That I CAN achieve sucess and better my community


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