A Dream Come True

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:27 -- ecimase

We all have a dream

That we hold so dear

So difficult, they seem

But we always keep them near

For within our hearts

Are those secret desires

Secrets we all keep

From the very start

Of this, or any, life

As we grow older

And discover our flaws

As well as our strengths

For on this journey

That we all must travel

We must come to terms

With the wonderful things

That do or don’t pass us by

Each and every day

It’s a blessing, life

And with each passing day

Every passing hour

All minutes and seconds

Time is a river

Everflowing forward

Our hard work helps

Causing us to prosper

And when we are old

We can die peacefully

Knowing that we did

The best that we could

Always trying so hard

And striving for more

Because our dreams

Our goals, they define us

And we are who we are

Defined by what we desire

On the inside and out

And having made it this far

I can honestly call this life,

As I pass on to Heaven,

A dream come true


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