Dream Catcher

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 19:07 -- secretx

I see a window of the past

It suffocates me

Doesn’t even have a voice

Yet I am hypnotized


I open this closed window

 The stars still in my view

I’m drenched in sorrow again

My heart stops

 My tears dry up

I trace the night sky with my fingers

But it’s still beyond my reach


Though I might wish

Using all my might

I’ll never reach that glow


Even a ray of light won’t be my guide

I’m only burned by its flames

My heart cries out

My tears overflow

I blindly reach out my hand to the night sky

But it won’t reach now


Not that it’s sad and painful

But it’s a strong distant desire


Even if I change anything now

Nothing just vanishes into thin air

My chest tightens

The window of my past drives my desires forward

Even though I can’t fly I still move on

Dragging my injured leg on this thorny path I’m on now


I reach out to the night sky in my dreams

I’ve touched the stars

My heart beams bright

My tears stop

The past can’t be undone

But what will happen in the future

Is within my reach


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