To Dream Like A Butterfly

 No larger than a minuscule larva

I knew I was unique

As I grew larger with age

My qualities were shamed

I knew what they said was false

But I felt there was no way to cope

Eating and munching I grew larger

A pudgy caterpillar is what I became

Turned green by their sickening comments

That never ceased to rain

Webbing my chrysalis that I hoped would protect me

I closed my self up wrapped in my own insecurities

Until one night I saw the error of my decision in a dream

Following this profound light I inched forward

Scratching off my old skins tarnished by time

I became something new

My true personality gleaming with vibrant colors

So unique, so special, it could not be replicated

With my wings I believed I could make the world my own

Helping those I could, and aspiring to help those I could not

My path attracting others, my rabble grew

Our sparkling waves of inspiration leaving people transformed a new

Relishing in the joy and happiness of our own creation

We drink in the life giving nectar

Ending our feast I began wondering what our future would hold

But a couple things remained certain

Eventually our ideas and actions may fade

Just as our wings will soon begin to diminish

But today is not that day

So I will continue to fly.

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