Dream In Black

Dream In Black

Last night I dreamt a dream

In black I dreamt things not often seen

As I walked the corridors of my mind, I seen black evaluated as beautiful by all in every degree

More than 4 were gathered without being considered a gang

It was comfortable and beautiful for the eyes to see

No massive percentage of single black mamas, no wifey wanna be’s

The system didn’t break up the household

Black men were head of their own home

His foundation was God on the throne

I proceeded down a hallway consisting of mirrors along the wall

My eyes were locked on the illumination of my mahogany coconut oil saturated skin

I heard talking and I snapped out of my zone

I walk further and see Dr. King conversing with Pac about Trump and his wall

King looks at Pac and says, “My friend, all giants fall. And I serve a God that moves mountains. No matter how tall.

Then I heard laughter across the hall

I look and see Graffiti Bridge

There stood Maya Angelou, Prince, and Langston Hughes

Clothed in laughter, enjoying nature

Maya turns and says, “Hello Jess, you’ve gotten so mature

What are you wondering for? Get out of Egypt and stop idly roaming the earth

Dream in black, contribute to your black history and help someone else to victory

Your discomfort, your praise, your worship, your sowing, your pain,

It isn’t in vain, you are not insane, blessings will reign

You are set a part and chosen,

You’ve been pregnant with purpose for far too long

Know your worth, It is time for your soul to give birth!

Dream in black




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