Dream A Better Dream

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 13:37 -- bekeati


Days grow shorter

Winters are colder

Haven’t seen the sun

Never knew its warmth or kinder love


The nights are long

Dark and all alone

Can’t find the other side

All on my own


Searching for you

To the ends I roam

Look death in its face

Not my time to go


No angel to save me

And call me home

Only devils at my back

Keep moving forward


Like the phoenix I rise

From the ashes of despair

I’ll never stop looking

Incomplete, beyond repair


Love will come out stronger

Days left to swander

Every breath I take

Looking forward to another


Waiting for blue skies

Dream a better dream

Rescue me from the shadow

Only myself to blame


All alone in the night

You forever on my mind

Where did all the good times fly?

Why’d I walk away and leave you behind


Lost the good fight

God knows I wasn’t winning

Live a life full of regret

Tears of love I’ll never forget


In my final moment

Whispers will be met

Of how I had it all

And never realized just how much it meant

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