To Dream Again

Once Upon A Time

I Believed in Faith

I Believed in All That Was Told to Me

I Believed in the Words Spoken By Others

And I Took Them As My Own

My Own Voice, My Own Thoughts

Were Drowned Out By The Words of the Masses


I Am No Cinderella

And I Have No Fairy Tale Ending

I Grew Up into Reality

And I Shut the World Out


Anger and Hatred Came Over Me

My Eyes Saw Only the Darkness

My Mind Refused to Acknowledge the Lies I Had Been Told

And I Ignored the World


Slowly, I Opened My Eyes

But I Only Saw Red

I Took My Vengence Out on the Papers in Front of Me

On the Skin of my Hands


I Plastered my Words of Vengence and Hatred

All Over those College-Ruled Sheets of Paper

I Took the Pain I Felt From Being Betrayed by Humanity

And Flowed it Through the Ink of my Pen

Onto the Paper Before my Eyes


I Kept These Words to Myself

These Lines of Despair

It Gave me Solace Within my Mind

It Allowed me to Find my Peace

It Allowed me to Dream Again



I wrote this for the Slam... And it really is just an explanation as to why I started to write poetry. It was an outlet for when I was angry. A lot of things went down, and I didn't know how to express my feelings. And although I never shared those first poems, they allowed me to learn how to express myself through written words, which i still find easier to do than talking to people face to face.

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