Wed, 03/27/2019 - 06:36 -- Eve254

I don’t play by the society rules, I don’t blend well with the society norms either.
Rules are made to be broken but not in my case, I am making none nor breaking .
I may feel so but the rest of the world will still view me as a rebel.
A rebel against what? You may ask! Am yet to find an answer to that either.
Is being your authentic self a crime? Some say am but an attention seeker it may be true yes but not true at all. I just want my peace.
Am just a boy stuck in a wrong vessel or body as you may put it.
Am just a boy with a story to tell. Story that will get me ridiculed left to right.
Am I not human enough to receive love and acceptance?
Does my gender markings justify the pain and torture I undergo though?
What if? What if you the big bully, you in the foremost lines in condemning, you who are the first to pray and wish God would strike me down, you who are disgusted by just a mere thought of me living, the tables were to be reversed. Would you still have that feeling of self righteousness when tears involuntarily creep down your cheeks. Would you feel the fairness you preach or would you just crumble and feel worthless?
All I crave is a place to belong, void of hatred and public scrutiny. It’s not a disease or disorder or an abomination to be your true self.
Everyday we choir and champion in protest and rallies defending human rights, right to be heard right to belong but when those rights threaten your comfort zone you lash out with no care if you hurt and diminish whomever they favor. Hypocritical isn’t?
Am just a girl to you, to the society but whom am I to me?
Can we all just coexist, live harmoniously, love each other despite they gender markings, race, color, sexuality or religion.
I want a world where my kids will live freely and with no fear of society imprisonment physically or emotionally.
I dream of a world where love is love, love is free of disapproving looks. A world where no soul is confined in a specific norm but where their lanes are wide and vast like the sea and oceans.
I dream to belong!

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