“Dream big” they say

         as if limits did not exist

         except for the disappointment when reality hits.

That money controls,

         so much of our life

And those “big dreams” remain a figment

         of our imaginative life

Being better unsaid

         and only dreamt of at night.

Instead of sounding crazy,

         to the realists in life.

Now the battle of pessimism and optimism

         begins to strike.

What is pessimistic

         about being a realist in life?

Whereas the hope and eager

         of the optimistic is clear;

Are those “big dreamers” ready

         for the criticism they’ll feel?

I’m not speaking about the “normal”

I’m talking about the one’s whose dreams are dreams

         because of the stretch to achieve them.

But that the dreams that are dreamt

         are meant to be followed,

Telling our kids to dream big,

         to have something to work toward

         that’s not in sight now.

So that when our big dreams come true,

         all that will be able to be said is “Thank you.”

Because the social means of life,

         will not determine the dreaming and achieving

         of what will be done in my kids life.

Therefore I’ll say again,

         and believe it myself too:

Dream bigger!

Dream bigger!

There’s a world that’s waiting for you.


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