This is the dream.

She's 16, and she's living the dream. come home late, parents don't even care where she been. got a tattoo about a year ago, and no one even knows. she prides herself on the fact she's able to get away, with any and everything. brags to her friends about her lackadaisical ways, of how her momma and daddy raised, her. and damn aren't they intrigued thinking man I wish that was me. but as they go to they parents, and sit down. family dinner, talk about how was they day? what happened? what did they say? they forget all about the careless, free girl. cause they know they wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. meanwhile that girl is having the time of her life, because this her life. all she has to offer, all she ever achieved. so the time of her life is a brush of a sleeve, to anybody. else besides her.



I know, i did too. Everybody wants to be that girl because all they see is what seems to

be great not the background. but Thank You

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