A Dream

Once upon a dream,

I dreamt of a light

It burned my skin and it shone too bright

Once upon a dream,

I dreamt about the snow

But it was cold and I nearly froze

Once upon a dream,

I dreamt of a song

But I forgot the words and could not sing along

Once upon a dream,

I dreamt of dream

Every element of it and what it could possibly mean

And one fateful night,

I dreamt of a man

Who shouted at the world "Take me as I am"

The world was the light and it burned his skin,

But he didn't care because he loves the skin that he's in

The world was the snow that caused his heart to freeze

But he didn't car and said "The Jesus in you loves the Jesus in me"

The world was the forgotten song

And he was the forgotten word

A poem made into a song called "A Dream Deferred"


This poem is about: 
Our world


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