The DreAM


It is 1:23 a.m. and you wake up with damp sweat hugging your young back

Your eyes are stinging just as leaves would be if the air was filled with pesticides

It's obvious you're exhausted but your mind wont rest a second

Just as a soldier in the middle of a fight

It's happening again

Your dreams are keeping you up at night

I'm not talking about the dreams filled with random characters or subconscious thoughts

I'm talking about the dreams you want more than life itself

The dreams that stick to the side of your brain like gum under a desk

The dreams that make you ask yourself

The dreams sometimes make you doubt yourself

The dreams that overtake your mind and engulf your thinking process like a cobra swallowing its prey

But in reality it's not the dreams that keep you up

It's the fear of not accomplishing them

It’s the fear of not knowing and the fear of not controlling

The reason why we are so afraid of not accomplishing our dreams

is because they are all we have ever known

All we have ever breathed since we were young

And letting those precious dreams slip through our fingers without trying to grasp them

Is like cutting out our heart and saying that we can live only with our lungs.


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