Draw No Envy

To draw no envy, 
When it comes to Love
Love is like an open book 
everyone wants to look,


Fame comes when

the heart feels pains
when the heart is broken 
it is ready to be spoken 
writing is being written 
on the pages of emotions, 


When it comes from the heart 
everyone can feel that spark 
when love has departed into the dark
blind affections of true reflections
when the heart bleeds out on sea, 


into a winters breeze 
that make the heart freeze 
echoes of crying 
hold the sighing of long ago 
when Love taken a stroll, 


The pains of fame made a home 
on pages of blood stain ink 
as the heart truly bleeds 
ill fortunes of lonely rage 
that comes along with age, 


applause to the old crying moon 
May and June has seen better of days
that words had warm the ears that hears
tears that falls with autumn winds 
wishing Love would find its way back again.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1983


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