What does it mean to be drained?

It is fatigue, is it weakness, too slow for the lane.

I know what it means to be drained and its quite a feeling, I must say,

because it always an occurence at the beginning of the day.

Nothing done extensively or nothing drawn out,

just sitting on the computer woundering and shifting about, 

for there is nothing not worth putting energy, no doubt,

but it can be quite exhausting.

I'm her and there and everything in between,

moving from picture to picture like a motion picture scene.

There isn't much to thisrhyme,I must say,

but it is something that I wanted to do today.

For it's the first day of classes, and its a slow one at that,

watching people moving about, laying out on the couch to nap.

It must be great to nap during the day,

but it just get me tired, really, that's all I have to say.

Yes, this poem is a drainer and not much put into it,

but I love putting feelings into words, so there's no need to quit.


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