Dragon of My Dreams


The sun was shining
The birds were singing
But all was not well
For a 10 year old girl

Fate was weaving her strings
In long and intricate patterns
One moment happiness
The next, horror

An ordinary walk home from the pool
On a hot summer day
Twisted and contorted
Into a thing of nightmares

She should have turned back
She should have run
When she saw them coming closer
Ever closer

But when one is young
These thoughts are far from one’s head
Leaving it empty
To be filled by the world

So happily she walked along
Down the path to her home
Completely unaware
Of the danger in store

They grabbed and gagged this little girl
Forced her behind tall bushes
The five of them
With their eyes of black coals

They stripped her of her garments
Leaving her exposed to the sun
But nothing could warm
The fear instilled in her frail body
The four held her down
While the leader circled his prey
Watching from glazed eyes
As she struggled and fought to break away

He took away her innocence
Forcefully without consent
Thrusting her into a world
Where only the darkness of reality resides

Tears streamed down her face
Her world ripped out
From beneath her feet
Her screams went unheard

They left her there
Crumpled and broken
Both in body
And in mind

Laughing they stalked off
No guilt of what they did
Out of her life
Into her dreams

Alone she cried
In a dark corner of her closet
The excruciating pain
Taking over her body

She wept
For the childhood dreams
Never to be realized
For the dark secret she must keep

And so it became
How the sun lost its shine
And the birds their tune
The world was cast in a shade of gray


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