Dragging Success

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 13:11 -- schaff


United States
43° 56' 25.3644" N, 86° 16' 36.48" W

Who knows what I can be but I myself
Who knows what I am to become but I myself
Once trembling with fear I now except my future
I am to become what once was and what will continue to be
I am to become the success derived from an awakened soul
A soul that reaches out to perseverance, but cannot reach out far enough to grab it with an open hand
sometimes only holding on with two fingers I continue to pull my way towards my destiny
my destiny, my future, my career
despite what trouble I may face
despite the threads that may grasp hold of me
I shall not let go
I will keep fighting, and keep striving for success
because without action we shall receive no justice


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