Yesterday it was raining.

there was a torrential downpour that would turn itself on and off like a light switch 

and I felt at peace.

days like this are ones I can go back to in times of sadness or distress

days where I sit with my best friend, reading her poetry with her head resting on my back as I lie face down

days where I dive onto the couch to join my brother and my mini schnauzer to see the next installment of our favorite Netflix series

days where I listen to the calming sound of the rain and let my problems be washed away, where I can watch the sky cry so I don't have to. 

Days with my dad, sitting in an old cemetery and watching the light fall on the autumn leaves

days with my mom, eyes glued to her laptop as we watch a movie and snack on endless amounts of sea salt popcorn

days where I can drop the needle of my record player and Brahms's symphonies will start echoing from wall to wall.

days of my life that are life itself.


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