A place filled with constant sorrows, tears and let downs,
Call it life, we live it every day and every day contains a new let down.
Getting pushed down by the constant rejection of others,
Pushed back in the current, tossed daily like a damned voodoo doll.
Cursed to live on this wretched earth like the fowl beast of the land,
We crawl in the dirt of this filthy place, drag our bellies on the rotting flesh.
Pushing forward endlessly and pointlessly, all rushing to our deaths,
Running like the pigs to their bland panicked death.

Get back up only to get pushed back down,
Never do we stop, some pointless motivation striving to be the best,
Better than the rest who are all striving like the rest.
They waste their breath trying to act their pointless best,
To look good for the fathers, the mothers, the other swines of lies.
An image they keep up with, so they cry out, squealing amongst each other,
Each ignoring one another only so they can stay ahead of the rest, they squeal,
“Give up? No I can’t! I’m filled with hope!”

Here we go again, face in the mud and words flowing out,
Standing up again, hoping to be stronger for a bit longer.
One more time we tell ourselves in hopes to be stronger.
Pushing once more and hoping for a better outcome,
The eager eyes of the youth never shut, always open,
Slowly drying out and draining their youth,
 Blindly searching for their silly little goals,
Which are too high for their greedy hands to reach.
But they don’t stop, they never have and never will.
This is the downfall of the human will.


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