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Hold me down. Hold me down. Hold me down like a tidal wave swallows anything and everything in its way. Deprive me of material happiness, but leave me with enough hope that God’s blessings are on their way. Lord forgive them; they don’t see another way.

Introducing Section 8: You might think this similar to the Hunger Games while you watch the news as we are murdered every day.

Hold me down. Hold me down. Hold me down like a zoo animal shot with muscle relaxants while his children are stripped in the name of science. Rob my children of opportunities and when I cry out for help call me violent. A tyrant. In this world those who need to speak the most are silent. There are walls throughout the Ghettos hidden in the paperwork. Disabled and they hold you down. They don’t want you to work so you remain oblivious to the holes in their man-made words. 99 to 1 and we still aren’t heard.

Ask yourself: Am I the Shepard or the Herd?

Hold me down. Hold me down. Hold me… because maybe all we every needed was a hug from someone who is stronger than us; someone who still has faith in the system; someone who was never exposed to the crack addicts on the bus. Maybe if there were one or two police officers we could trust and then the guns wouldn’t bust and the artists would put their masterpieces on paper for the world instead of walls and the children who hide behind their hoods would take them off and stand 10 feet tall and we would love instead of lust and we would go to college and finally believe in good luck.

Hold me…. up don’t bring me down. Force a smile when situations call for frowns. Give me hope when there is none around and we’ll find commonalities outside of common ground. This is the future.

Welcome to Down Town.


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