Amor, you're too soft for that.

Darling, don't you think that's too hard for you?

Tesoro, You're too lazy to study for it.

Is it my fault for these thoughts to become vocal?

Was it because the people who have said these to me only saw me at my worst?

As the darkness of these words grow onto me, I still seem to find the light.

My light is from people who have been in worse situations than I am currently in.

They have become legends in their own unique way.

Even though all the odds were against them, they fought.

They showed me that no matter if the world wants to keep me down.

I am my own supporter, my own fan, my own love.

I will show everyone who has ever had any doubts about me.

Everyone who has ever tried to bring me down, I will shatter what they thought of me.

I am my own inspiration, I am my own strength.

I will push through whatever this world will throw at me and emerge victorious 



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