Double You

Sun, 09/02/2018 - 00:52 -- ZER0

Words wired words weird words warded words worried words,

Worlds wrought with words, walled with words, wrecked with words,

Wily writers work with words which welcome wrangling whilst wakening weakness,

Wreaking weariness, wariness, wooing, wowing, woes, wants, words.

Wisening words—Why would we worship warships?

Wandering widens wisdom when welded with wonder.

Well wielded wealth’s worth will wax when wages won’t—

With words, we’re walloped with warnings, wracked with worries,

We wake, we walk, we work, we want, we wait, we waste, we watch, we win,

With what we want, we wish. With what we work, we weather.

When wishing, why wait? What’s wanted won’t without work.

Words widened words weighted words warranted words worshiped words,


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Our world


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