Double Life


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Double Life


I always carry my phone to keep in touch with the world,

My purse carries all my secrets inside,

The heat, the cold, that’s what my coat is for,

Black thick leather that glistens in the sun,

An iron jacket weighing me down,

 Troublesome life in a figurative town,

Complicating and strange, forever changing,

This is my life, shaping and changing,

Even warping my personality, creating a dual life,

Light and Dark, Good and Bad, that’s my choice,

Once I used up one the other takes control,

But lately Dark has been winning the war,

Delaying the problem, I run into my own world,

Leaving the old one behind and start anew,

Hiding behind books, then starting over,

Cleansing my body with water, waiting for the next day,

This is my life, shaping and changing,

Even warping, changing my life,

Dual Life.


Myunique Johnson

Febuarary 2014


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