They speak to me

Every harsh shut door that rings through our open floor plan

Every reverbarating soundwave that slices through the tension

Every barking insult that wrestles its way into my psyche and halts sleep from taking it all away

It hurts. They hurt. 

Not only are you invading my home but now you're invading my brain

Telling me that I'm not worth it, Telling me we're a lost cause

The shut door continues to speak

Saying everything in one motion that you didn't have the guts to tell me


Shut Up

Get out

Leave and don't come back

I'll be happier when you're gone

You don't belong here


My door speaks back

Words of pain yet resilient

That although I have the option to leave this play

You'll remain

And next time you slam your door

The sounds will bounce back

And you'll realize what you've done



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