The Doors


Follow me and take my hand,

I'll show you a world you may not understand

Where love is love and hate is hate

Where we are told who is our soul mate

Where you think drum when you hear steady beating

Where we all can say our last goodbyes when our loved ones are leaving 

Where the definition of tear is a form dazzling of magic

Where there are simple true love stories, none that are terribly tragic

Where everyone smiles and loves everyone and everything 

And where the word hate absolutly does not mean a thing.

Come here and help me open this door,

I will show you a world where you have been to before

Where your love is hate and my hate is love

Where you can look down and actually see above

Where confusion is quiet common and tears fall like cold rain

Where joy is very rare and pain is an everyday thing

Where all you ever wanted was to be loved

Where often a smile just isn't enough

Where brutal scars blemish your whole heart

And  all that I'm saying isn't even close the start.

"Just look at me and tell me it is okay"

Don' t worry I will show you a world where everything really has changed

Where we used to be happy but then it eventually came around

Where we used to fly, but then we fell back to the ground

Where our hearts were made of gold then we found hate

Where we were young then everything changed

Where reality made you smile until you found the truth and frowned

And where love and hate did not used to affect you.

Every door we have opened may or may not be ideal,

Becuase each door are only parts of life


Please understand that we all deal with some sort of strife

Please Do not hide behind these doors

They will only keep you hidden and numb

Just like before.



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