The Door

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 01:18 -- abbeym

There's the door that leads in and out.

The door I see you walk through and the one,

where you disappear. For how long this time?

I never know who you are when you come back.


Do you think we'll ever be the way we were?

Not that I want to go back. No that would be a mistake.

For both of us

Though there was a moment


A fleeting moment, where we were back.

I saw you and you me and things were alright.

Though the pendulum has to turn right?

It has to swing the other way which means you have

to be whoever you are now.


I don't like who I am now. I don't know who to blame.




No there wasn't an us.


When you come back I know things may not be the same.

But I'll be here. I'm still here. I'm waiting.

And someday we'll both be back and maybe then we'll be back.


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