Don't You Dare Label Me

Don't You Dare Label Me!

I see my hair as a soft and fluffy pillow that I lay my sleepy head

something like a teddy bear when a young child embraces it

But they say my hair is "unworthy" and "nappy"

too hard and tangled to comb through

so should I "do something with my head" like they say?


I look at my face and smile brightly

not one thing in my eyes is disproportionate

But she says my nose too wide, skin too dark

my lips that turn upwards from my happiness too big and luscious-

so should I get rid o my "disgraceful" features like she claims?


I know I have a brain

I'm intelligent- from the curiosity of the unknown I strive to learn

But he says I am nothing; illiterate fool

to the point where I believe and become a clownish ghoul

so sad, should I stop trying to be something I'm not just because he says?


I'm sweet like sugar and candy

and it is a part of my personality

But they say that we all have wretched attitudes- so evil

they look down and say we're despicable - but they never stop to actually listen

so frustrating- should who I am become the label branded upon my race?




Don 't you dare label me!

because you believe in the few majority

For I say I will rise above and beyond these stereotypes

because they do not categorize me

so, instead I will march these streets for my well being

and I will preach to my siblings that will go through the same atrocities.






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