Don't Stress It

Don’t stress it, 

when you think of a struggle 

DON’T stress it. 


Life is too long to stress 

every decision you make. 

Shout out to the single moms 

who struggle with wanting 

to give their child the world, 

don’t stress it, 

God will be there for you. 


To the kids who got bullied, 

don’t stress it 

because one day 

your bully could end up working for you. 


To the neighborhood children,

 keep doing you, 

just make sure to be careful and make good decisions and don’t stress it. To the abused girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives take the time to leave you abusive partner and don’t stress it, do what’s best for you. Also, to the minimum wage workers, play hide and seek with education so you don’t stress it when you don’t have enough money. At the end of the day, DON’T STRESS IT! If you stress it you won’t be the best you. So, lets be a person who betters themselves for their own good and don’t stress it.




Now that's what I like, a kid who's not afraid of the bullies.

I wish I had that courage and confidence when I was a kid.

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