I don't know how this is going to come off, but I know it's going to piss a lot of you off. I honestly don't care; if I get banned for this so be it. I'm tired of biting my tongue for you niggas who think you're hard. I'm literally trying to protect your ass; keeping you away from the dark. Keep the sharks in the water before they bite your hand off. Y'all act like this gang shit is funny when you throw up these sets, what most of you don't know, that shit comes with consequences. Keep playing like it's funny now, until you get a reality check. You can say whatever you want about me, I don't give a fuck about it. The reason why I'm speaking like this is because I don't want to see history repeat itself. Seeing niggas you're surrounded with be on the news being shot by goons for trying to be funny as hell. I promise you! it's not worth your life. Keep that act in your movies and your video games. I'm not about it, but I know what the truth is. Living around a lot of niggas who have no way to live. Having to rob each other to put food in their cabinets. Living on the street just to survive. Having to take a life for not wanting to die! This is not a game, this is real life. Y'all betray our names, making our culture evil. Most of you will do a black thing, then blame it on our culture. While we're getting 45 to life for a crime you did. I promise you this is not a game. Only if you knew; I guarantee most of you wouldn't try to act the way you do. Do you think us living like this is cool. Having to watch your back everyday you have to go to the store. Praying to God hoping that your kid doesn't get shot on the way to school. It's not a fun way to live. I would love to trade with any of you privileged motherfuckers just so you can see how it is. It's not worth it, I promise you it isn't! And to the one's playing with our culture, one day you'll get a reality check, believe me, it will happen, no matter where you live. Because the devil will show his face anyway he can. So if you false claim, you better watch your back. Because If shit gets to real, I'm not going to have your back. You asked for it! So if I have to see in a hospital bed or body bag. Imma tell you just like this; it is what it is.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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