Don't Make Them Feel It

Sun, 12/01/2019 - 16:57 -- Bisma

Why do I feel this?
What is the explanation?
Why do I cry?
What is the reason?
Emotions are overwhelming.
Feel like I'm drowning.
Why are you so cruel?
What is the reason?
I can't explain anything.
There is nothing to explain.
Why did this happen?
Why is there pain anyway?
Don't make them feel that.
Give it to me instead.
Why is it that it happens to the one who doesn't deserve?
Take it away from them.
Give it all to me and I will take it.
Why does it hurt?
Why do we hurt for others?
Why is there a feeling?
A feeling of love? A feeling of sorrow? A feeling of pain? A feeling of anger towards all things cruel?
A life changing experience is losing someone.
A part of you gone.
Don't make them go through that.
Give it all to me and I will take it.
The question I ask is why so sudden is death?
Why is it so upon us all of the time?
We all have to go so why can't I accept it?
What's gone is gone and never coming back is it?
Why can't I understand?
What is the reason?
Feelings always so strong.
Hit me like a hurricane.
Why is life unfair?
What is the reason?
I'll deal with it, I'll forget.
Because gone will always forever be gone.
Live for the one that holds you when you cry.
Live for the one who tells you not to die.
Can't accept it now but will have to someday.
Why is life so hard?
What is the reason?


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