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I was sixteen
Not too young, but not too old
And I had a met a boy who I believed would be my husband, the father to my kids, my soulmate
Again, I was only sixteen
Wasn't too wise, but not too dumb
We were always close, and we confided in each other about everything
He knew me, and I knew him
Or so I thought
Days, weeks had passed and my monthly gift did not arrive
I took a test and sure enough two black lines appeared
I couldn't breathe, and I wouldn't believe
Everything didn't matter anymore
I didn't matter
But I walked out, and I told him even through my sobbing he understood
I still cherish the hug but the memory haunts me
Again, only sixteen
Didn't have too much money or a job
We scheduled an appointment, his mother charging through with me and him in tow
I was scared, I was petrified, I was confused
I felt so helpless in those moments
I couldn't have him in there with me and I wish I had
The ultrasound is what gets me all the time
There was a person in me
Someone who could have done great things
But things always happen for a reason
They always do
I was only sixteen
A fool, and a strong person


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