Don't Let Our Love Wait

Darling, let’s fall in love before it’s too late,
My love can’t wait until tomorrow.
Please me now or don’t please me at all.
Now is the time for us to be lovers.

Pet me, tease me, each day and each night.
Hold me and squeeze me, work or play.
Take me and make me yours forever,
And swear that your love will never disappear.

Darling, let’s fall in love at this moment,
I can’t wait for you another hour or another day.
Give me a fantasy when reality is obscured,
And give me a cheer when my eyes are full of tears.

Let’s go skinny dipping at the beach tonight
And make love on a blanket as young lovers do.
It doesn’t matter whether the tide is high or low,
We’ll hold hands and count the stars together.

Darling, don’t let our love wait any longer,
We aren’t getting any younger.
I’ve proposed to you many times before,
But I’ll take this chance and ask you once again.
Darling, will you be my wife?
Tonight I wonder what your answer will be.

I’d tell you more if this poem was long enough,
But I hope you grasp the meaning of these few words.
I love you from the centre of my heart.
Darling, I sincerely love you, honestly I do.


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