Don't Let Bart and Marple Meet

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 10:56 -- Amitus

While everyone knows

Little Red Riding Hood

The true tale of Wolf

Is much less understood


The true story is

Grandmother and Wolfie

Were best of best friends

Together always, see?


What Riding Hood found

On one fated morning

The big bad wolf was

Balefully sobbing


“What happened?” asked Red

To the tear-stricken wolf

The response she got

Had her terribly shook


“Grandmother has changed!”

Cried the wolf in dismay

“I went visiting her

But she sent me away!”


“She claims to hate wolves

Now and forevermore

I don’t what I did

To deserve this!” he roared


Red thought for a while

Up she stood finally

“Let’s go visit her

And see your old ally.”


The wolf hesitant

Eventually followed

Red through the forest

To the old tree hollow


But Red laughed, pointed

Where wolf thought Gram might live,

And said with a grin,

“This little house ain’t it!”


“What?” exclaimed the wolf.

“Yup!” Riding Hood affirmed

“This house belongs to

Gram’s friend, they’re similar.”


“The houses, you mean.”

“Oh yes, to clarify-

Gram and her friend could

Not be further alike!


“This is Marple’s home,

A darling old soul

But she hates wolves with

A passion hundred fold!”


“Well, I understand,”

The Wolf acquiesced

“My good friend Bart hates

All humans at his best


“And at worst likely

He would want to eat them!

Red was shocked. “Well I’d

Never let you meet him.”


“Can you imagine,”

Began Red, “If Bart and

Marple met, what a

Disaster, it’d be sad!”


“I reckon it would

End with at least one death.”

“Won’t happen ever.

“Get the thoughts from your head.”


Red bid farewell to

Wolf, The two friends went on

Their own separate ways

And were soon home, anon.


That’s Wolf’s true story.

But what a tale’d be had

If Bad Bart and Mad

Marple did meet at last!





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