Don't label me a millennial

The culture loves to debate us as if we can’t speak for ourselves

Undeveloped persons, still kids that don’t deserve respect 


An entire industry revolves around trying to understand us

Not to be inspired by our individual personalities and dreams 

But to help corporations trick us with perfectly packaged products

A new watch, phone, or college all tailored to meet the current trend


Some experts claim that we are all narcissists

So self-centered we need to take photos of ourselves

Others claim we will be the ones to change the world 

Because of our confidence, self-expression, and optimism


Stop shoving your highly processed genetically modified lies down our throats

You drown us in a flood of information

You seek to box us all into individual white walled jail cells

We’re at a point in our lives when we are finding out individual identity

The last thing we need is someone telling us who we are


We are old enough to define ourselves

We are a generation of individuals

And if people respected each of us like we desire

Maybe we would trust ourselves


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