Don't judge me

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 22:29 -- CieraK

I am a girl thats misunderstood. only for the people to tell me what i am, can or can not be. "you're too skinny, you're to short, you'll never amount to anything". the words cut me deeper than than they can amagine. I was never accepted for being me, so i tried to fit in. they still picked and teased why can't i be normal i always thought. maybe if i did what the "cool kids" did they'll like me. so atempt after atempt it only made them hate me more. " ciera? she's ugly she's stupid" i always heard but never listened to them. I tried to convince myself i am not what they say. i am better than that. The stronger i grew the more they hated me " push her! Hit her, she won't do anything" they never knew what i was going through outside of what they seen. Maybe then they would have had a heart. I never said anything i acted like it didnt phase me. They grew angry that i wouldnt give in and show them the pain that was in my growing cold heart. Eventually i got so tired of the bullies, lies, and drama i became someone that i am not. A cold hearted mean girl. I realized that what others say should never determine who I am. word are only as meaningful as you let them be. "Ugly" i thought it was bad but if to them im ugly ill be the ugliest little duck in the flock. If to them im "too skinny" then so be it. I wont let words harm me anymore i will overcome. I always disliked them for treating me so teribly, but now i realized it only made me stronger. Im no longer mean nor cold hearted sometimes im told im to nice. Its amaxing how the same people who hated me now realize they were wrong. Im glad i overcame those little words that use to cut me so deeply. Never let anyone tell you what your worth. you are beautiful.

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