Don't forget about me

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 21:00 -- SamG23

that whenever it rained
I'd snatch your umbrella just to give you a kiss
and run as the drops hit our faces
remember when it snowed and how you'd forget your gloves
I'd simply place your hands on my cheeks to keep them warm with a wide smile
remember when summer came around
how I'd wake you up from your evening nap
just to run to no end around town
the sun embracing our backs
hands held
we'd run even after the sun set
remember how I was there everyday after school by the opening gate
to walk home with you even if you were late
don't forget about me
or the little things I've done for you
because over time
little things accumulate
and become something grand
that something grand is my love for you
don't forget about me!
But keep me on your mind and constant memory!


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