Don't Ever Think In Suicide


Yes somebody cares about you
You dont know but might be me
some people are destinated to not see
How different you are
just like I am
Some people are destinated to see you
from inside the soul
And that someone is me
So dont say you're ugly
That is a lazy word is to short
If you like whatever your like
If you walk in of any way
If you love in a special way
Don't you think you deserve living?-
Yes you do because you're like me
Just another being living in this world
Whatever people says you are
you're not
Care about yourself
karma is with you
If somebody talks of you
Don't ever think leavin of this world
You got your life
So keep it
Don't let it go for anything
Is yours
keep the beautiful mirror of your life alive
in front of you
Dont ever think in suicide.
-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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