If I could change any one thing small or big; I would fund the youth schools for better education for all of our kids. Education is stability, power, and success; So that we all can thrive and be our best.  School funding is based off of rich and poor. So just because some parents may not be a privilege to live in a good district; their kids get the worse end of the stick.  No computers, updated books, papers at the end of the year, or more. My mom encouraged me to do better than her. Without the right commodities in high school the thought of college was all a blur.  I remember going to the “better” schools to compete in sports and seeing each student leave out the school with brand new books and laptops. “A laptop for every student seems a little farfetched if you ask me.” But then when I saw a computer lab my mouth dropped.  There’s an old saying that the children is our future. But there is no future our government treats the poor like Freddy Krueger.  Unwanted and not cared about is how I felted when I left those schools. 


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