Don't bully we're all unique.

We should all work together to end bullying!  If you bully why do you feel the need to bully others? because you think the people you bully are weird? You don't undrstand them? You're jealous? et.Whatever the reason it's never ok. Put ypurself in their shoes!  know you wouldn't want people to make fun of you for how you talk,dress your race,religion, the type of music you like etc. bullying can seriously effect someones self esteem. they'll feel unhappy embarsd and guilty. It's not just hiting people that's bad what you say can mae peple guiy becase tey'll feel mething is worg wth them an what you're saying is true. Every individual is unique. We need individuality unique idea point of view ect. Everyone has smthing to offer. if you're a bully You need to get help nd stop huting others. f your being bullied know you're far from worthless an deserve respect. get help. be a freind.      
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